Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introduction to Saul Leib Weiner's Blog

Hello and Peace to Everyone.

I just wanted to introduce myself and this blog.

My name is Saul Leib Weiner. In descending order of importance, I consider myself a human, Yehudi, Levi, Brisker, male. The things that I will publicly say that I am interested in are: learning, StAM / calligraphy, art, photography, holograms, biking, traveling, singing, and leining. I live in a certain city, in a certain country. I like things similar to the Achdus Bulletin. Stuff that makes sense. I was told in into. to comp. that I can have poetic license to make sentences like the previous one.

If you want to discuss something with me, and have a reason to virtually connect, then visit my LinkedIn page.

Blogs may appear here with ideas, news, cool stuff, maybe tutorials, anything not too personal :) . I may host other sites for specific tutorials and Torah / kodesh. This should also add to the cloud of knowledge that is in the web.

The purpose of this blog is to make a temporary or permanent homepage for myself, to post my personal blogs/ideas that are appropriate for the internet, to advertise other locations of mine, and to advertise other worthwhile things. I will only be posting content that is appropriate for the public internet, as is required by anyone who doesn't want to get cyber-popped. Everything will also comply with the laws that I follow as a Yehudi, and any rules that puts down. If I still have time, I'll try to follow the medina's laws.

I hereby give anyone permission to copy anything authored by me on the domain, on condition that they don't change any content without specifying that it is changed from my original content.